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Summer Interns 2015

August was bittersweet as we said goodbye to the fabulous blooms, balmy nights, and our amazing summer interns. Over the past three months the energy of the Botanical Garden was enhanced by the presence of five fabulous interns. The three middle and high school students from around Santa Fe, Angelica Gutierrez, Jose Manuel Marco, and Kate Gale, helped plan family programs, cared for the Monarch: Orange Takes Flight Containers, and participated in a myriad of other projects. They took ownership of the garden and helped make the summer fly by. We were also lucky enough have two phenomenal college interns. Mira Engel, a rising sophomore at Whitman College, primarily worked with the education department, directing the middle and high school interns, leading summer school and camp field trips, and helping with our family and adult programs. She documented her time with a detailed series of lessons that will be used in the years to come. Alex Bindrim, who will be a senior at St. Johns College this year, was the recipient of an Ariel Internship award. He worked full time from June through mid August, and helped in many departments researching grants, helping with special events, caring for plants and repairing irrigation, and developing a twelve week mindfulness program. This program will be piloted in the fall and offered to the public in spring and summer of 2016. These dedicated, passionate, and knowledgeable individuals are missed, and we wish them well in their coming scholastic adventures.

St. John’s College Ariel Internship

Alexander Bindrim, from Sedona, AZ is a senior at St Johns College, pursuing a degree in liberal arts. He enjoys learning about the local plants and animals, hopes to pursue a career in environmental preservation, and hopes to expand his knowledge of horticulture. Alexander became interested in environmental science at a very young age, and spends his free time hiking, reading, and relaxing. He enjoys traveling and learning about different cultures and natural landscapes. He is looking forward to the experiences in the garden working to protect Santa Fe’s unique flora.

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Teaching Team

Our work would not be possible without the dedicated core of volunteers who serve as docents at our preserve and public garden, lecture speakers, educators for school programs, horticulturalists, contributing authors of articles and research, photographers, artists, graphic designers, and so much more.