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2 Mar, 2015

Repost from Edible Santa Fe: “How Biodynamic Farming Spawned Organic Farming”

Original article by by Joseph Mora on February 18, 2015 How Biodynamic Farming Spawned Organic Farming, the Vanishing City of Golden Garbage, and the North American Biodynamic Conference in Santa Fe For coming on a decade now, I’ve often wondered when Biodynamic farming will really catch on in a big way; at least as big as its offshoot concept, [...]

27 Jan, 2015

Book Review – The Pruning Answer Book by Lewis Hill & Penelope O’Sullivan

Review by Sue Wise This little “how to” book is extremely valuable for any gardener. Whether one is working with  a terrace,  back yard, or formal garden, the basics of pruning and the importance of it are fully explored. Able to be carried as one is actually working in the garden, the book is a [...]

20 Nov, 2014

Book Review – “Cacti & Succulents for Cold Climates” by Leo J. Chance

Cacti & Succulents for Cold Climates by Leo J. Chance November 20, 2014 By Sue Wise Although the Santa Fe Botanical Garden (SFBG) Library has 27 books on cacti and succulents alone, none appear to be as relevant as this newest addition to our collection. Cacti & Succulents for Cold Climates, by Leo J. [...]

27 Sep, 2014

How-to-video, building an inexpensive erosion control dam

September 27, 2014 Watch this video to learn a technique to prevent erosion:  

27 May, 2014

Breathing in Life Forces with Biodynamics

By Susan Waterman Originally published March 2011 in Green Fire Times The Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association says: “Biodynamics is a type of organic farming that incorporates an understanding of ‘dynamic forces’ in nature not yet fully understood by science. By working creatively with these subtle energies, farmers and gardeners are able to significantly enhance [...]

2 May, 2014

What is the climate of Santa Fe?

By Mollie Parsons, Education Director We have all heard Santa Fe referred to as a high desert, but in fact we are designated as a semi-arid steppe with cold winters by the Köppen Climate Classification System.  This is the primary climate designation systems used by scientists around the world.  The Köppen system takes into account [...]

28 Mar, 2014

Planting Apple Trees in Santa Fe

By Janice Tucker with thanks to Barbara Goede for sharing her knowledge and notes, which contributed to this article. Photos:  Barbara Goede, Linda Churchill, Don Nofte and Janice Tucker Golden delicious apples (Janice Tucker) There are many varieties of apples to choose when deciding to plant in a home garden or orchard. The [...]

1 Feb, 2014

In Support of “Bring Back The Monarch” Movement

Article by Janice Tucker Poison milkweed Asclepias subverticillata by Janice Tucker February 1, 2014 Since the early 1990s observers have noticed that each year fewer monarchs are making their winter migration from Canada to Mexico and summer return trip from Mexico back to Canada. It soon became clear that the disappearance of the [...]

5 Jul, 2012

How to Make Your (Wisteria) Arbor Grow

Photos and text by Philip Metcalf. July 5, 2012 Gardeners planting Wisteria (Fabaceae) often forget the fourth dimension of garden design: time.  In time, a Wisteria's astounding strength can simply crush large wooden arbors, not to mention simple porch supports. These photos, from the garden of Philip Metcalf and Patricia Galagan, show the construction of [...]

3 Apr, 2012

Gardening Books for Children

By Sue Wise One of the many benefits of membership in SFBG is the 1550-volume library located in the SFBG office on Museum Hill. This is the time of year when some members may have children asking questions about gardening, insects, flowers and other aspects of the natural world. Although our bookshelves of [...]