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2013 Schedule

Monday, October 7 – Water Catchment and Diversion – Reese Baker from The Raincatcher, Inc

Come participate in this exciting discussion about best practices of water catchment and management in our challenging ecosystem.  You will hear from Reese about his experiences harvesting water in and around Santa Fe, at our very own Botanical Garden, then have an opportunity to ask him what you can do in your space.

About the speaker

Reese Baker, owner and founder of The RainCatcher Inc., has been involved with construction, organic farming, and permaculture in Santa Fe for over 15 years. He holds a B.S. in Biology/Botany from The University of New Mexico, is certified in permaculture design and is a state licensed contractor.

Reese served on the board of directors for the Santa Fe Watershed Association and currently serves on the City of Santa Fe Water Conservation Committee. He has taught classes at Ecoversity, Plants of the Southwest, Santa Fe Prep. School, Quivira Coalition, Earthworks Institute, Arboretum Tome, Permaculture Institute and Santa Fe Community College.

He is currently involved in independent research, with a focus on the importance of soil ecology in our landscapes today. His personal interests include studying classical piano, playing basketball, snowboarding and spending time with his family and friends.

Monday, November 4 – Earth Ships: Water Recycling and Green Building – Michelle Locher

Michelle Locher will discuss the Earthship Concept and the production of food in these sustainable homes.  Earthships are closely tied to the principle of permaculture. The Earthship Concept is defined by seven central points:

  • Earthships are built from trash and recycled materials.
  • They are completely self-sufficient and off the grid.
  • They heat and cool themselves.
  • They generate their own power from the sun and wind.
  • They catch their own water from the rain and snow.
  • They take care of their own sewage, with nothing going into the earth.
  • They produce their own food.

Michelle is an expert in the production of food in Earthships, and will discuss the ways in which these homes can serve as a model of sustainable living and eating.

About the Speaker

Michelle grew up on a farm in South Africa and came to the United States twenty years ago.  Today she lives at Taos Pueblo with her husband and son.  She has become an avid gardener, both at home and in her role as the primary plant expert at Earthship Biotecture.  Michelle illustrates the importance of food production in Earthships in their Visitors Center.  Her work also includes plant propagation for all of the Taos Earthship buildings. She currently focuses on landscaping and practicing permaculture.

Monday, December 9 – Successful Gardening In New Mexican Soil – Erin Wade/ Vinaigrette

Growing plants in the soil in and around Santa Fe can intimidate even the most experienced gardener.  Erin Wade has tackled this challenge on her farm, and she is going to share her soil secrets with you.  From vermicomposting to the biodiversity of soil, you will hear about Erin’s journey into the earth and learn how to create healthy soil that your plants will love.

Owner Erin Wade of Los Portales Farm, Nambe
Owner Erin Wade of Los Portales Farm, Nambe (Photo: Peter Weiss)

About the Speaker

Erin Wade is a local Santa Fe restaurateur, with a second branch of her salad-focused restaurant, Vinaigrette, having just opened in Albuquerque.  She comes from an unexpected background, having worked in the fashion industry after graduating from Harvard with a degree in English.  When living in Milan, she was inspired by the attitude of Italians towards the food they prepared and enjoyed.  Erin opened Vinaigrette to provide delicious, local, healthy food to New Mexicans.  Many of the greens she serves up in her two restaurants were grown on her farm in Nambe.