The Santa Fe Botanical Garden’s mission is to preserve the rich botanical heritage of Northern New Mexico while educating people about the incredible natural environment of our region.

Citizen science projects allow the Botanical Garden to accomplish these goals through hands-on activities and by engaging the public in authentic scientific exploration.  From working with groups of students to track the seasonal changes at the wetland preserve to monitoring the nest boxes with volunteers, the Botanical Garden is dedicated to contributing to the larger scientific community through impactful programming.  Currently the organization participates in three projects, Natures Notebook, sponsored by USANPN, Pond Watch, through the Migratory Dragonfly Partnership, and finally Nest Watch and the Great Backyard Bird Count, through the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology.  These programs are run through the hard work of a dedicated group of volunteers who monitor the plants, insects, and animals at our sites and share this data with scientists and other organizations by reporting their findings online.

As one of the founding members of the Rio Grande Phenology Trail, the Santa Fe Botanical Garden joined together with sites including the Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge, the ABQ BioParkSevilleta National Wildlife RefugeBosque Ecosystem Monitoring Program, Randall Davey Audubon Center and Sanctuary, and Whitfield Wildlife Conservation Area to to collectively monitor seasonal changes up and down the Rio Grande Valley to help build a data set exploring Climate Change in our delicate environment.  Working with partners to make a collective impact has helped the Santa Fe Botanical Garden expand our reach and impact across the state.

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