Planning your field experience

///Planning your field experience
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  1. Provide names, telephone email and phone contact for your group. You will be given a SFBG contact name, phone and email information.
  2. Your group should be at the Preserve promptly at the time reserved.
  3. As a safety issue, we ask adults not to bring toddlers when accompanying a group.
  4. Restroom facilities are limited to one portable in the parking lot area.
  5. Cell phone conversations interrupt  the nature  experience. We ask that cell phones be turned off during the walk.
  6. No picnics. Snacks are allowed but groups are responsible for packing out any generated trash

What to Bring and Wear

Using hands to learn about Cottonwoods by Janice Tucker

Using hands to learn about Cottonwoods. Photo: Janice Tucker

Each group/class member should:

  1. Bring water and a hat.  Sunscreen and bug repellent are also suggested.
  2. Wear long pants and closed shoes (no sandals). Trails go through some high grass and shrub areas.
  3. Pack curiosity and good observational skills.  Be ready to look and listen.
  4. Group leaders/teachers should bring a trash bag to pack out any trash.

Rules to Remember

  1. Always allow the SFBG representative to go first when on the trails.
  2. Stay on the trail in order to respect the fragile ecosystems in this special environment.
  3. Do not pick the plants or take anything from the Preserve without permission.
  4. Have fun and bring your family back for a visit when the Preserve is open to the public.