Maidens III (Dan Namingha), Hano Mana I (Arlo Namingha), You Are Here (Michael Namingha)

June 10, 2017 – May 13, 2018

The Santa Fe Botanical Garden is pleased to present our newest art exhibit, Conception, Abstraction, Reduction, the works of famed sculptor Dan Namingha, and his two sons, Arlo Namingha, also a well-known sculptor, and Michael Namingha, who works with printed images and words providing social commentary.

The exhibit, which will be in the Garden until May 13, 2018, includes powerful sculptures that reflect the Hopi/ Tewa culture of the Namingha family.  While the sculptural styles of Dan and Arlo Namingha differ, the minimalist aesthetic of these two artists, combined with symbols of their culture, creates the singular and unique body of work included in this remarkable exhibit.

Seeing these important works in the natural setting of the garden, the viewer is struck not only by their beauty, but by the influence of nature on these artists, which can be seen in the use of natural elements, the reflection of desert landscapes, and the abstracted symbolism of their natural and spiritual worlds.

The exhibit begins and ends with installations by Michael Namingha, which provide social commentary on the relationship of popular culture to nature.

Arlo Namingha, Dan Namingha & Michael Namingha

Arlo Namingha, Dan Namingha & Michael Namingha