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Schoenocrambe linearifolia
slimleaf plains mustard, slimleaf purple mustard
Brassicaceae - Mustard
Leonora Curtin Wetland Preserve, Museum Hill

This native perennial has gray-green and narrowly linear leaves on the branches. The basal leaves are rather small and ovate.
Mature Size
Up to 3 ft.
Flower Color
Purple, Lavender
In April and May, purple, rose or lavender, 4-petaled flowers with broad, rounded tips appear in clusters at the tips of the branches. They are followed by long, slender, upright seed pods.
Interesting Facts
The Slimleaf purple mustard is widespread in southwestern U.S. (Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas) and adjacent northern Mexico.
Traditional and Medicinal Uses
None found.
Santa Fe Botanical Garden Sites
Leonora Curtin Wetland Preserve, Museum Hill