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Verbena hastata
swamp verbena
Verbenaceae - Vervain / Verbena
Leonora Curtin Wetland Preserve
  • Janice Tucker
  • Janice Tucker
  • Janice Tucker
  • Janice Tucker
  • Helen Woody

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Plant in bloom in field

The stems and foliage are roughly hairy. Leaves are lance-shaped with toothed margins. It typically forms colonies in the wild.
Mature Size
3 to 5 ft.
Flower Color
Blue, Purple
August. The flowers are a showy blue to purplish or pink, in straight spikes. Flowers on each spike bloom bottom to top, only a few at a time.
Interesting Facts
It is found in wet meadows, marshes and raparian habitats throughout the United States.
Traditional and Medicinal Uses
Seeds are eaten by wildlife. It has been used to reduce early stage fevers, reducing chest and throat congestion and insomnia. A tea can be made and applied topically to sore areas.
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