Date: Wednesday, January 8th at 11:00 AM

Location: Small Conference Room of the Udall Building, 725 Camino Lejo, Santa Fe, NM, 87505

Cost: Free, Reserve Your Space Here

Orchid Care: Share and learn about the care, feeding and hopefully blooming of orchids in our dry New Mexico environment with Michael Clark. Please feel free to bring a in a couple of your favorites to this discussion. Weak plants are welcome as their problems are good teaching aids. Beautiful “show-offs” are also welcome as we delve into one of the largest family of plants on the planet!

Michael Clark has extensive experience as a nurseryman, landscape designer, teacher, and horticulturalist.  He has been working in the green industry for over thirty years and loves sharing his passion and knowledge about the natural world.  Michael currently works with a busy landscape company in Santa Fe and enjoys every minute of it.  Michael is one of the original co-founders of SFBG.

Garden Conversations is a space share and engage in informational conversations around gardening and horticulture. Each week, local garden experts moderate the conversation; these professionals from the industry provide advice, insight, and direction. During the winter, we all need to plan, reflect, and consider what our garden options are for the eminent growing season. We will provide tea and expertise for this informal gathering around a common love of gardens.