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Our Fall Lecture Series is very popular and we thank all of the members, volunteers, and supporters who made it possible.

Growing the Southwest Garden with Judith Phillips

Thursday, October 8th, 2015

The challenge of gardening in the Southwest is greater than ever before. Extremes of temperature and drought are more pronounced, and precious water resources are stretched to the limit. But it can be done, spectacularly—and garden designer Judith Phillips shows you how. You’ll learn how to cope with your local soils and climate, meld your dream outdoor space with the site you have, choose plants suited to Southwestern extremes, and keep your garden healthy.

Above all, you’ll discover that living in a demanding environment doesn’t mean sacrificing the quality of your home landscape. By gardening thoughtfully and choosing resilient plants, you too can make your yard a place of beauty and refuge. For gardeners in Arizona, southwestern Colorado, southeastern Nevada, New Mexico, western Texas, and southern Utah.

Judith Phillips has spent more than forty years gardening in the Southwest and is still adapting. She is the owner of Judith Phillips Design Oasis, an ecosystem-inspired garden design and consulting service. She has designed thousands of residential gardens in New Mexico, Colorado, and Arizona and has been fortunate to be involved in diverse public projects from habitat gardens at wildlife refuges and parks, to healing gardens at hospitals, and outdoor classrooms for elementary schools. The common ground is luring people outdoors to spend time with plants.  As a part-time faculty member at the University of New Mexico, she focuses on native and climate-adapted plants for arid landscapes. She has contributed to many books, and is the sole author of New Mexico Gardener’s Guide, Southwestern Landscaping with Native Plants, Natural by Design, and Plants for Natural Gardens.

How are our Local Nurseries Sustainable?

Thursday, November 12th, 2015

Come hear from four of our local nurseries about their sustainability practices. Agua Fria Nursery, Plants of the Southwest, Paynes, and Newman’s Nursery will be joining us in an enlightening panel discussion covering sustainability in the garden. Bring your questions and challenges to these four experts on gardening.

About the participating Nurseries:

Agua Fria Nursery- Agua Fria Nursery was established in 1975 and had been responsible for providing outstanding plant selections ever since. The second and third generations of the Pennington family are active and in charge of operations of our nursery.s Their specialties are in Native and appropriate exotic perennials, shrubs and succulents.  They firmly believe in using the most “organic ” techniques possible and are proud to say that our plants are “naturally grown” and safe for the consumer. Aga Fria Nursery annually grows a huge selection of vegetables.

Plants of the Southwest-  Plants of the Southwest is a native plant nursery and seed source established in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1976. Our growing operation and farm (not open to the public) is located in Galisteo, New Mexico and our Albuquerque nursery location opened in 1988. We offer native and adaptive plants to the home gardener (retail) and the landscape professional (wholesale).

Paynes Nursery-The Payne family has been in the nursery business in Santa Fe since 1952. They have always taken pride in offering the best merchandise and quality of service to provide our customers with top-quality plant materials, the best products, and professional expertise to help them enjoy growing everything from large trees to delicate orchids.

Newman’s Nursery- Newman’s Nursery specializes in providing Santa Fe and New Mexico everything that you need for your drought tolerant landscape, beautiful container gardens, home orchard, or xeriscape rock garden. Be it expert advise on how to plan your landscape or how to control pests that may be invading your landscape. Newman’s specializes and carries a complete line of drought tolerant trees, shrubs and flowers for your xericape as well as the largest selection of fruit trees and roses in New Mexico.

Grapes, Wine, and Sustainability

Thursday, December 10th, 2015

We invite you to come hear from local wineries about their growing practices, sustainability, grapes, and especially wine! Wineries and farmers will be here to provide inside information on best growing and sustainability practice, how to replicate grape growing in your garden, and the process of turning grapes into wine.

Description of participating wineries and farms:

Milagro Vineyard– Milagro Vineyards and Winery create wines in Northern New Mexico from vineyards located in and around the picturesque village of Corrales. Believing that wine is made mostly in the vineyard, Milagro raises all the grapes used to make its wines. Wines are handcrafted in an old world style using time honored techniques including aging in fine French Oak barrels to honor the land/place the grapes come from. The wines are truly “Handcrafted from Vine to Wine.”

El Camino Real Vineyard– El Camino Real Vineyard is located in La Cienega on a property acquired in the early 1990s by Dr. John Mevi. The property was originally an overgrown four acre lot with no plants of any kind. The vineyard is now producing over 300 gallons of wine from grape hybrid varieties known as Tramenette and red grapes known as Noriet. El Camino Real Vineyard will start to incorporate cover crops this year, that will help with weed control and can be used as fertilizer when bladed.