Field Trip Information:

Photo: Cristina Salvador

  • Programs are hands-on experiences led by an experienced early childhood educator.
  • Field trips are free of charge for public schools. Private and home school groups pay between $100 and $250, depending on the length of their trip.
  • Limited number of free bus stipends, provided on a first come basis to public schools.
  • To book a trip today, contact Mollie Parsons, Education Director, at:

These options don’t work for you?  Contact us to arrange other programs that are appropriate for your students.  We can arrange repeat visits, hands-on activities for families, and much more.  Let us know what you need!

Colors in the Garden


Children will make predictions of colors they think will be discovered in the garden. Children will participate in a Color Walk in search of the colors they predicted. Following a group discussion about their discovery, children will be given color samples and will participate in a second walk to search for a color match in the garden. Children will have the opportunity to draw their color match and compile their pages into a “Garden Book of Colors.” Children will design a color chip necklace to encourage them to match the color in their world.

Let’s Take an Insect Walk


Children will listen to a book about insects. Using observation skills they will participate in an insect walk around the garden. We will have a group discussion about what the children notice. Children will draw a picture of the insects they discover. They will also create an insect paper puppet to take home.

Life in the Garden

Children will listen to a book and explore different areas in the garden to observe animal/plant life. At each station there will be opportunities for group discussions and drawings about what is discovered. Magnifiers will be available to enhance observations. Children will also participate in a scavenger hunt to build understanding of what living things need to survive. A take home art project will be included in the session.

Using our Senses


The Santa Fe Botanical Garden is a great place for children to explore with their senses. During this session children will participate in a variety of hands on activities to enhance their observation skills while using their sense of seeing, hearing, touch and smell. (Due to allergies we will not do any tasting.) Using nature materials, children will create a sensory board to take home.

What’s all the Buzz….


Children will listen to a book about bees.To promote understanding of the importance of bees and pollination children will participate in hands on activities focused on pollination and nectar. They will explore the gardens observing the work of bees and draw a picture of their observations. Children will create a bee paper puppet to take home.