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Internships at Santa Fe Botanical Garden are volunteer positions, generally during the summer season. We have two types of interns that we encourage to apply: 1) College or graduate students interested in a variety of aspect of botanical gardens, 2) Middle school program with the focus on public education. For more information on these programs, please contact Education Director, Mollie Parsons (

Current interns are listed on our staff page.

2017 Youth Conservation Corps

YCC Lead, Arielle Quintana, is a proud tribal member of Cochiti Pueblo, New Mexico who is passionate about the environment. Her passion stems from her love and commitment to her tribe, which taught her the crucial importance of protecting and conserving our natural resources for current and future generations. Following her passion, Arielle pursued an education at Colorado State University and recently graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Rangeland Ecology with a concentration in Restoration Ecology and a minor in Conservation Biology. Now back in New Mexico, she continues to seek out new knowledge and experiences that will support her goal to one day assist Pueblo communities in restoring and reestablishing healthy, sustainable ecosystems in the Southwest, which is how she found the Santa Fe Botanical Garden! As the SFBG Youth Conservation Corps Crew Lead, Arielle assists in the restoration of the Leonora Curtin Wetland Preserve, maintenance of the Botanical Garden, development of environmental education programs, and many other projects. When not at the Botanical Garden, Arielle is spending much needed time with her family after being away at school by going on hikes, watching movies, and eating delicious New Mexican food.

YCC Crew Member, Madeleine Bavley, is a recent transplant to New Mexico, drawn here by the stunning landscapes. Madeleine is a recent graduate of Columbia University, where she studied Spanish and Environmental Anthropology. Since then, she has taught English in Thailand, studied yoga in India, and worked as a study abroad program assistant in Spain, along with some odd jobs in between. Madeleine’s time abroad has fuelled her curiosity for learning how different cultures interact with their natural environments, which is why she is delighted to join the SFBG as a YCC crew member. In her free time, Madeleine enjoys hiking and camping, brewing kombucha, and experimenting with green chilis in the kitchen.

2017 Botanical Adventures Blog

Summer Interns 2016


We were excited to have our first international interns, Carl and Nick Hofmann over the summer of 2016. These identical twin brothers are worked with the Garden’s education staff on summer programs and our new mobile phone app. We hope they will visit New Mexico soon to see how the garden has grown since they left.

Summer Interns 2015

August was bittersweet as we said goodbye to the fabulous blooms, balmy nights, and our amazing summer interns. Over the past three months the energy of the Botanical Garden was enhanced by the presence of five fabulous interns. The three middle and high school students from around Santa Fe, Angelica Gutierrez, Jose Manuel Marco, and Kate Gale, helped plan family programs, cared for the Monarch: Orange Takes Flight Containers, and participated in a myriad of other projects. They took ownership of the garden and helped make the summer fly by. We were also lucky enough have two phenomenal college interns. Mira Engel, a rising sophomore at Whitman College, primarily worked with the education department, directing the middle and high school interns, leading summer school and camp field trips, and helping with our family and adult programs. She documented her time with a detailed series of lessons that will be used in the years to come. Alex Bindrim, who will be a senior at St. Johns College this year, was the recipient of an Ariel Internship award. He worked full time from June through mid August, and helped in many departments researching grants, helping with special events, caring for plants and repairing irrigation, and developing a twelve week mindfulness program. This program will be piloted in the fall and offered to the public in spring and summer of 2016. These dedicated, passionate, and knowledgeable individuals are missed, and we wish them well in their coming scholastic adventures.

St. John’s College Ariel Internship

Alexander Bindrim, from Sedona, AZ is a senior at St Johns College, pursuing a degree in liberal arts. He enjoys learning about the local plants and animals, hopes to pursue a career in environmental preservation, and hopes to expand his knowledge of horticulture. Alexander became interested in environmental science at a very young age, and spends his free time hiking, reading, and relaxing. He enjoys traveling and learning about different cultures and natural landscapes. He is looking forward to the experiences in the garden working to protect Santa Fe’s unique flora.

Summer Intern 2014

Meredith Yue, from Deephaven, Minnesota, is a senior at Minnesota State University, Mankato pursuing a major in environmental science. Meredith is interested in both plants and animals and studying how they are interconnected with their environments. While in school, her focus has been mainly vertebrate studies, but she is looking forward to expand her knowledge into botany. Meredith’s interest in environmental science stems from growing up on a lake and being outdoors.  She enjoys traveling, reading and relaxing in her spare time. She is excited to extend her knowledge and experience at the garden!








Summer Intern 2013

Welcome to our new summer intern Zachary Sippel.  He is going to be in eighth grade at The Academy for Technology and the Classics and is a budding botanist.  Zack will be helping put together some educational activities and will also be volunteering at the grand opening.  He was recently interviewed about his internship.

What do you want to focus on during your internship at the Santa Fe Botanical Garden?

Z: This summer I want to learn about plant types and how certain plants will grow in their environment.

What are you most excited about doing?

Z: I am most excited about making scavenger hunts and making the garden fun for kids.  I want to make it interesting so that it fits their age group.

Why did you choose to volunteer here?

Z: I want to volunteer here because plants have always seemed interesting and are fun to watch go through growing stages.

When did you discover that you might be interested in studying plants?

Z: I first became interested in botany when my fourth grade teacher gave everybody in the class a spider plant.  She gave me the job of taking care of them along with the other plants in the room.  I really liked watching runners grow and appear, flowers opening and withering, and seedpods ripening.

We are thrilled to have Zack join us for the summer, and we look forward to all the wonderful work he will do to make the garden fun for visitors of all ages.

Summer Intern 2012

Annie Corbitt on Franz Josef glacier, New Zealand.

Annie Corbitt, from Conway, Arkansas, is a junior philosophy major at Centre College in Danville, Kentucky. With the Brown Fellows Merit Scholarship she received upon entering college, she has travelled to Vietnam and Cambodia and has acted as a research assistant to Cambridge University professor Gillian Carr, studying the German occupation of the British Channel Islands in World War II. As her Brown Fellows project this summer, she is searching for ways to combine her love for the natural world – kindled by her family’s travels and their goal to hike in every U.S. National Park – with her interest in philosophy. She hopes to bring philosophy about the beauty of nature, and how it encourages love and respect for all life, to practical purposes by working with a non-profit organization dedicated to nurturing the appreciation and conservation of nature. In high school, Annie was a founding member of the board for the non-profit Blackbird Academy for Dance and Fine Arts, having danced herself since she was three. The experience opened her eyes to the difficulties involved in running a non-profit organization but also to the ways in which non-profits can greatly enhance their communities. Annie lists among her favorite things the music of Peter, Paul and Mary, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, tall grasses rippling in the wind, and her childhood dream of one day raising a grizzly bear cub. Follow Annie’s photolog of the Leonora Curtin Wetland Preserve Summer 2012 on Facebook >>