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Planting the Orchard Gardens

In her own words, Managing Director Linda Milbourn introduced our supporters to how they can help bring the new Botanical Garden at Museum Hill to life.

“I know you all like botanical gardens. You’ve probably visited a number of other botanical gardens, been members of other botanical gardens, you’ve maybe served on boards or been volunteers, but this is really the first time that you could be part of building a garden. And, for many of us, really, botanical gardens are about plants. We like to grow unusual plants, beautiful plants, exotic plants, we like to see plants in certain combinations, we like to see certain displays- that’s really our interest in the botanical gardens. Now we’re at the brink of building this garden and just so you know, the first phase of the new gardens, the Orchard Gardens, will contain 4,966 plants. We have been raising a lot of money for this new garden and we’ve had some very generous donors who have sponsored either plant collections or area contain specific types of plants…. These were really important gifts and really helped get us closer to the money we need to produce the garden. For those of you who have supported us for very many years, we thought that you might want to have even a bigger stake in the future of this garden by adopting a plant or a collection of plants. This is your opportunity.”

We’re currently asking those that are interested to review our plant sponsorship booklet for full details on plants, collections, areas and more.

Download and review the Sowing the Seeds: Planting the Orchard Gardens catalog >

On the last page is an order form which you can use to send us your sponsorship and contribution.


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