More than 8 acres of the Arroyo de Los Pinos have been set aside as a place of evolving natural beauty.  Utilizing the latest restoration techniques, the arroyo will be allowed to ‘heal’ itself.  This, in turn, will create an integral part of the Garden’s educational mission, demonstrating effective storm water management strategies and encouraging a return to healthy biodiversity.

Main Trail

This trail is the main foot path stretching from Old Pecos Trail to the Orchard, Courtyard and Naturalistic Gardens.

Secondary Trails

These trails wind through the arroyo intersecting with the Main Trail from time to time.

Laying the foundation

Restoration projects that include the replacement of outdated gabion structures for stormwater management with site-specific rock dams; removal of dead or unhealthy trees that will be chipped in place to improve soil quality over time; and revegetation of native grass seed and shrubs.

Arroyo Trails