Meadow Garden Sculpture

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The Santa Fe Botanical Garden at Museum Hill is designed to show how ecological principles – such as water conservation – can support gardens with a major focus on beauty and art. While an important lesson will be the use of plants that are adapted to the environmental conditions of the site, the gardens will also include art, craft, and historic preservation.

Emergence by Candyce Garrett

Featured in the Meadow Garden area of the Orchard Gardens will be our first sculpture installation, Emergence. The three large, boulder shaped, granite sculptures comprise one compelling piece.  Carved out of Academy Black Granite quarried from the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains, Emergence is abstract, made to look ancient or pre-historic, as well as contemporary. The boulders are formed, shaped and finished individually, each having their own direction and character. The technique and approach to forming the shapes has never been done before. They range in size and weigh between 2,200 to 4,500 pounds each.

About the Artist

Candyce Garrett is one of the very few women working in such hard materials like granite and basalt. She works primarily in Taos, New Mexico with her collaborator Adrian Vigil.

Contact her through the Vigil-Garrett studio in Taos, New Mexico. Candyce Garrett’s website >

Photo: Claudia Dunitz

Sculpture installation October 2012