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Summer Interns and YCC Members 2017

YCC Lead, Arielle Quintana, is a proud tribal member of Cochiti Pueblo, New Mexico who is passionate about the environment. Her passion stems from her love and commitment to her tribe, which taught her the crucial importance of protecting and conserving our natural resources for current and future generations. Following her passion, Arielle pursued an education at Colorado State University and recently graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Rangeland Ecology with a concentration in Restoration Ecology and a minor in Conservation Biology. Now back in New Mexico, she continues to seek out new knowledge and experiences that will support her goal to one day assist Pueblo communities in restoring and reestablishing healthy, sustainable ecosystems in the Southwest, which is how she found the Santa Fe Botanical Garden! As the SFBG Youth Conservation Corps Crew Lead, Arielle assists in the restoration of the Leonora Curtin Wetland Preserve, maintenance of the Botanical Garden, development of environmental education programs, and many other projects. When not at the Botanical Garden, Arielle is spending much needed time with her family after being away at school by going on hikes, watching movies, and eating delicious New Mexican food.

YCC Crew Member, Madeleine Bavley, is a recent transplant to New Mexico, drawn here by the stunning landscapes. Madeleine is a recent graduate of Columbia University, where she studied Spanish and Environmental Anthropology. Since then, she has taught English in Thailand, studied yoga in India, and worked as a study abroad program assistant in Spain, along with some odd jobs in between. Madeleine’s time abroad has fuelled her curiosity for learning how different cultures interact with their natural environments, which is why she is delighted to join the SFBG as a YCC crew member. In her free time, Madeleine enjoys hiking and camping, brewing kombucha, and experimenting with green chilis in the kitchen.

Follow the Santa Fe Botanical Garden Youth Conservation Corps crew members on their adventures as they learn and discover all things botanical in Northern New Mexico through their Botanical Adventures blog. Watch the garden grow in Ojos y Manos at the Botanical Garden at Museum Hill; monitor invasive species removal in the Leonora Curtin Wetland Preserve; follow the development of a Master Naturalist program in Santa Fe; and, explore the wonders of all things botanical in Northern New Mexico with the crew!

A Few Words from our 2017 Middle and High School Summer Interns

Paloma–I wanted to do the internship at the Botanical Garden because I thought it would be an interesting thing to do during the summer, and I really like to plant things, even though they always die. I’ve been learning how to not kill my plants, so that’s cool. I like learning about the different types of plants and setting up activities for the families that come in to the Botanical Gardens. I love music and not accidentally murdering plants.

Revely—I am 13 years old and have lived in Sana Fe for my whole life. I enjoy being at the garden because the plants and the land allow me to collect my thoughts and calm down. I also think the plants are really beautiful. I think it is crazy how plants and flowers can grow in New Mexico, even though there is so little water. I like doing the internship at the botanical gardens because it allows me to show other people the beauty of the gardens.

Emma–I am 14 years old, and I go to Santa Fe Prep. This is my second summer at the garden. I love being here over the summer because the garden becomes very beautiful. One of my favorite parts about working at the garden is watching people enjoy the activities and the garden. My favorite activities are either listening to or playing music and I spend most of my time doing one of those.

Kate–I’m 15 years old and an upcoming sophomore at Santa Fe Prep. Summer 2017 marks my fifth summer as an intern at the Garden. I have loved seeing how much the garden grows and changes each summer. Though plants aren’t necessarily my passion, I do like setting up activities to do with the many children that come and visit the garden. I am glad that I am able to learn and teach others about the land that I live on in a space that is beautiful and close to where I live. Other than what I do in the garden, I enjoy music, speech and debate, and creative writing.

Lorenzo–I am 15 years old and this is my 2nd year as an intern at SFBG. I go to New Mexico Connections Academy, and will be going into 10th grade this year. I greatly enjoy coming to and working in the garden, since I like the outdoors, but there’s not much green in Santa Fe. I also enjoy listening to music, as well as playing video games and spending time with my friends.

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Teaching Team

Our work would not be possible without the dedicated core of volunteers who serve as docents at our preserve and public garden, lecture speakers, educators for school programs, horticulturalists, contributing authors of articles and research, photographers, artists, graphic designers, and so much more.