Charitable IRA Rollover

Make a tax-free rollover gift directly from your IRA to the Santa Fe Botanical Garden.

Renewed and made permanent by Congress and President Obama in 2015, the IRA Charitable Rollover, also known as the Qualified Charitable Distribution allows individual taxpayers older than 70 ½ years to donate up to $100,000 annually from their individual retirement accounts (IRAs) to charitable nonprofits without having to treat the withdrawals as taxable income. This gift can even count towards your required minimum distribution and as such, can significantly reduce your income tax liability. If you want to take advantage of the charitable rollover, check with your tax adviser or IRA administrator for more details and for implications for your giving plans. Please consider making a charitable rollover gift to limit your tax liability and help our Garden grow.

If you are interested in investigating a donation of this type, please contact Lindsay Taylor, Director of Institutional Advancement at or call (505) 471-9103.