Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Become certified as a Master Naturalist in this twelve week course focusing on the ecology of Northern New Mexico.

This in-depth course provides a combination of classroom and field experiences that will equip participants with the skills, knowledge and volunteer opportunities to better understand their local environment. All Master Naturalists will be required to volunteer a minimum of 35 hours over the next year.

Each week the course topic will change to cover an important lesson in ecology and/or environmental studies ranging from geology and soil to agriculture and food ethics. Our classes will be taught by representatives of our sponsoring or partner organizations. These organizations include the Santa Fe Botanical Garden, Randall Davey Audubon Center, the Quivira Coalition, Santa Fe County, Santa Fe Watershed Association, Northern New Mexico College, and more.
Become part of the Northern New Mexico Master Naturalist community and share and expand your awareness and knowledge about your local environment.

Dates: Tuesdays 5:30 – 8:30 PM and occasional Saturday mornings, August 7th – October 23rd 2018. Final schedule will be distributed on the first day of the training.

Location: Class locations will vary week to week in the Santa Fe area. The first class meeting will be held at the Randall Davey Audubon Center. Future locations, TBA.
Cost: $125 member of sponsoring organizations/$150 non-member