February 9, 2018

The Leonora Curtin Wetland Preserve (LCWP) is in the midst of a large, long-term project to restore the cienega.

The preserve will not look the same and at first the change may seem stark. But we do need to always keep in mind that a wetland is made up mostly of grasses and other herbaceous plants. SFBG along with The Institute of Applied Ecology and botanical specialists are working to save this rare (and important) wetland. Water level studies conducted over several years indicated that the water table had been decreasing. By removing water-thirsty plants and other invasive species, it is hoped that: 1) The water table will rise, and 2) The large seed bank at LCWP will begin to restore areas now that they are not as hindered by Russian olives and other invasive species.   This is a long-term project.  SFBG has been successful in obtaining a $32,000 grant from the Youth Conservation Corp (YCC) for the coming year, which will help provide personnel to supervise invasive species removal of Russian olive, Russian thistles, teasel, kochia and prickly lettuce.  This is the second year that SFBG has been successful in receiving a grant from the YCC.

On this webpage you will find an overview of the project and updates about the progress.

Thank you!