Orchard GardensThe Orchard Gardens

Visitors enter the Botanical Garden into the Orchard Gardens, which opened in July 2013. The centerpiece fruit orchard is flanked by a meadow garden and a xeric garden. The orchard is nestled into the hillside, surrounded by a rugged retaining wall on three sides. The Orchard Gardens feature spaces that combine horticultural and architectural elements. Plants were selected for their beauty and ability to thrive in the Santa Fe landscape.

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La Rambla & Meadow Garden: La Rambla, a meandering rock channel slows the flow of rainwater, maximizing the infiltration of water to nourish plants. Featuring a broad, shallow, grassy bowl designed to collect rainwater, the Meadow Garden features mostly native plants and wildflowers for dramatic seasonal interest. Candyce Garrett’s sculpture “Emergence” provides a focal point.

Orchard & Perennial Borders: A collection of fruit trees suitable for Santa Fe gardens and a stylized meadow of grasses and wildflowers create the romantic feeling of an abandoned orchard. Each year, fruit grown in the Orchard Gardens is donated to The Food Depot. The North and South Ramadas offer shaded benches from which you can view the Orchard and the surrounding perennial and rose garden.

Xeric Garden: This dry garden relies on rainwater and features a sophisticated plant palette with dramatic textures, forms, and colors echoing the Santa Fe landscape.

Art Trail: Discover a new perspective at the Botanical Garden by exploring the Art Trail. This year’s installation of sculptures along the Trail are part of our Gardens Gone Wild exhibition, featuring the whimsical bronze animal statues by Dan Ostermiller. Naturalistic plantings compliment the art.

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Dry Garden

Photo by Brian Koehl