Brief tour of the Garden Structures

//Brief tour of the Garden Structures

October 25, 2012

Watching the progress of the Santa Fe Botanical Garden structures has been really exciting for us.  We want to share the latest architectural developments with our members and the public.  Enjoy a brief photographic tour of the gardens below.  Also, please join us for tours of the Santa Fe Botanical Garden on Museum Hill Saturday October 27th, Wednesday November 7th and Saturday November 24th. Tours begin at 11AM.

Zuni Water Baskets

The Zuni Water Baskets are built to slow the flow rate of rain water and snow melt.  These structures maximize the amount of water retained in the garden soil and reduce water erosion throughout the arroyo.

Welcome Ramada

Pictured in the photos above and below is the Welcome Ramada.  Another layer of the concrete blocks has been set on the wall and will soon get a decorative facing of stone continued from below.  Notice the three granite boulders just beyond the wall, which form the sculpture Emergence by Candyce Garrett.

Meadow Garden

Here we is another view of Candyce Garrett’s sculpture Emergence sitting in what will be the Meadow Garden.  In the forefront of the photo is the basin drainage from the Zuni Baskets with a flagstone path leading to the Meadow Garden.

Rose Arbor

The large steel posts are the beginnings of an arbor along the Rose and Lavender Walk.  Climbing roses will be placed around the arbor to create a sensual floral escape from the summer sun.

Steps Connecting the Xeric Garden and Orchard

The last two photos show that the large stone steps connecting the Xeric Garden from the Orchard are beginning to take form.   We can also see that the wall and flagstone of the Xeric Garden have been completed.  Those sections of dirt are planting beds that will eventually be filled with succulent plants and other local flora.